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takes you on a hypnotic experience, allowing the mind to roam on a visual and auditory voyage. The archive catalogs and creates a firsthand experience of unique places around the world–from the breathtaking beauty of pristine natural spaces, to the remarkable infrastructure of haunting industrialized zones.

While most content in our daily lives is speeding up, our ethos for AMBIENT FILM remains a slow cinema approach–soothing visuals for turbulent times. Mastered in 4K with an all original recorded score, never royalty free or library music, each film is carefully crafted for both passive and active listening and viewing experiences.

Many of the places documented by AMBIENT FILM are changing in the climate crisis. We document these treasures experientially for future generations, so that if and when they disappear as they were, we may know them fully in the future.

recent films:

The tufas of mono lake


Eclipse at Inks Ranch

The Claron Formation Outside Bryce Canyon

Diamond Dust in Bryce Canyon

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